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Pomodoro Logger

Zixuan Chen

Pomodoro Logger -- When a time logger meets Pomodoro and Kanban board

BrowserSelect -- select browser dynamically


Browser Select is a utility to dynamically select the browser you want instead of just having one default for all links. Similar to the prompt in android to choose a browser when a link in a non-browser app is clicked/touched. It may not be useful for everyone but it helps when you use multiple browsers for different things (e.g. one with proxy and one without) and open many links from other applications (e.g. Messengers).


Microsoft Corporation

A custom build of VSCodium / VSCode



A modern note taking app based on GIT that does not require a local GIT environment.


A fully fledged and flexible code editor


zafaco GmbH

The Broadband Measurement desktop app allows you to determine the actual data transfer rate of your Internet access and compare it with the contractually agreed data transfer rate.


Yuxiang Zhang

A command-line Tunet (auth4/, Tsinghua-IPv4) authentication tool.


Zachary James Guard

A simple, beautiful podcast app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Zype, Inc.

A standalone Windows CLI for Zype Programming Language.

ZNotify Cli


Send notification to ZNotify server


Zwift, LLC

The app for riding, running, and training with your community.


Kandra Labs, Inc.

Desktop client for Zulip, an open source team chat application.

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