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360 极速浏览器X


360 Chrome X is the first 64-bit dual-core browser from 360 that integrates the latest Chromium kernel, providing a 50% performance boost over traditional 32-bit browsers. In addition to a more enjoyable browsing experience, we also provide you with new simple interface, new tab with thousands of HD wallpapers, and many optimized browsing tools.



360 Safe Browser (360SE) is a powerful, easy-to-use, fast, and safe browser suitable for online shopping. It uses advanced malicious URL blocking technology which can automatically block malicious URLs such as hijackings, frauds, phishing bank sites, etc.



360 Chrome is a Chromium-based browser for fluent and ultimate experience, featuring not only a short startup time and web pages loading time, but also a simple and refined interface which supports overall skinning through wallpapers.



A PC cleaning and accelerating software on Windows 10 with fresh and friendly interface and easy-to-use interaction. It has three core functions including PC cleaning, PC acceleration and software uninstallation, which can easily free up disk space, improve running speed and maintain a smooth computer experience.



360GT is a tool platform that provides users with multi-category game recommendations such as mini games, mobile games and browser games. With rich game types and immersive gaming experience, it can make your leisure time even better.


Palm Input is an intelligent, efficient, ad-free and pure input method that focuses only on the essence of input. It can bring users a superb input experience by powerful intelligent input engine, rich local thesaurus, online thesaurus and exquisite skins.

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