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AeroZoom enhances upon Windows Magnifier and optionally Sysinternals ZoomIt to enable full screen magnification by mouse-wheeling and pinch-to-zoom, as well as turning any mouse into a Home-Theater PC/presentation mouse, where zooming and positioning becomes a breeze without a keyboard.



Named after getmac and chmod, ChMac is a command-line-interface (CLI) tool for Windows that changes or randomizes MAC addresses of specified network adapters, e.g. for a client device to reuse public Wi-Fi hotspot that has exceeded usage limit for the day (e.g. hotels, restaurants), or to enhance security

Englishize Cmd


There often comes a need to use built-in command-line tools in English in non-English Windows, as they are localized to another language which can be difficult for admins who only speak English. Englishize Cmd conveniently englishizes Windows command-line interface with 'englishizecmd' command (EnglishizeCmd.bat) and restores to the original language with 'restorecmd' command (RestoreCmd.bat).

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